It is Mary’s passion to ensure your wedding day is everything you have ever dreamed of. As your officiant, Mary’s goal is to provide you with a beautiful ceremony created with your relationship reflected. 

Having been a part of thousands of weddings, Mary realize’s that your wedding ceremony is so much more than words on a page. It’s your promises, your dreams, your love expressed to the world.

Mary is filled with love, hope, and encouragement for all of her couples starting on this journey together. It’s her very favorite service we provide here at Elements of Style.


Our officiating package includes but is not limited to:

·       Religious, civil or non-denominational ceremonies.  

·       Blended families and second marriage ceremonies. 

·       Ceremony performed at a site of your choosing.

·       Ceremony Planning: music, vocalists, strings and readings

·       Hand Delivered Marriage License 

·       Unity Ceremonies (sand, candle, wine etc)

Package starts at $500


Eloping? Renewing your vows?

Check out our Elopement Coordination Package which includes bridal bouquets and/or groom boutonnieres! We can also provide venues for small weddings with guests of two to thirty in private back yards that include champagne, appetizers, and a small cake to cut!




Why I Officiate?

Why does Mary Bowerman officiate? The first time she received the opportunity was with a bride from Texas. She took care of every wedding detail, from the flower arrangements, the arch, the dinner pieces, and the music. However, the last thing the bride needed was an officiant and Bowerman was willing to do it for free since it was her first time. As the groom repeated the vows after Bowerman, he took a moment and paused. She was worried it was something she had done wrong; thus, she repeated the lines again. As she looked up, she saw tears run down his face uncontrollably. It was a wave of emotions hitting her because something so wonderful was happening in that very second. It felt like an epiphany, “it’s when you finally solve that math problem that you struggled with for weeks.” She started to cry and realized that everything just finally made sense. After that wedding and witnessing this beautiful couple ready to start their lives together, it was something Bowerman needed to do. She began honing in all her skills and working to be the best officiant out there. By being completely immersed in it, she had the opportunity to get licensed and began offering an officiant package on Elements of Style.

Before we get into it all, you should all know that she got married in a Catholic Church 42 years ago and the priest literally just gave them a booklet to decide on what readings they wanted. No one walked out of that wedding knowing more about her and her husband, especially their beautiful relationship. She may remember her priest, but she doesn’t remember the words he said because it was just words on a page.

Now for her wedding creations, she wants to showcase the depth and love between the amazing couples she has the ability to work with. By showing the guests why they fell in love with one another and why they want to share a life together, it brings a deeper meaning to the words “I do.” Mary has the desire to add a personal spin to your ceremony, but it's also another way to incorporate laughter and warmth within your special moment.

Bowerman always wants to make it work for them! Therefore, she encourages the couple to be comfortable in whatever they want to say, whether it be them writing their own vows or repeating her words. Not only that, she is trying to include as many family members into the wedding ceremony because it’s important to share this moment with your loved ones. Regardless of your age, you are never too old nor too young to be partaking in your parent’s or children's lives, which includes that special day.

The best feeling is when she hears the words, “Wow, I have never seen that before.” Bowerman has an extraordinary, creative mind that touches many people’s wedding days. The ceremony is more than words on a page, it’s meant to last a lifetime. She hopes that in 50 years, the couples will have reminiscences of their promises to each other as lifelong partners. In the end, she just wants and more so needs to be remembered by her couples, that’s the goal after all. You know you have a whole lot of love for a career if you are willing to do it until you are gray and old. Since it isn’t a job, but rather a passion; Mary Bowerman plans on doing this for a lifetime.  

These opportunities in the wedding industry have been a blessing for Bowerman. After years and years of marriage; she knows sickness, she knows health, she knows richer, she knows poorer, she knows better, and she knows worse. Without a doubt, the excitement of seeing two people start their lives together is precious for her because she gets to be a part of their first chapter. To her, the couples will be forever cherished and remembered.“This is more than a career, it’s a devotion that can never be replaced.”


Our Officiating Package can be combined with any of our Coordination and/or Floral Design services.

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