Hello, my name is Mary Bowerman. I am here as your event planner, wedding officiant, and floral artist.

I have been married since 1978, so I have lived through better or worse, richer and poorer, sickness and health and can honestly say, I love him more today than I ever thought possible. So, I get this whole married thing!! I have three adult children, none of them married yet!But I am ready when they are! By the way, I will be booked those three days of my life!

I sometimes think I deal better with the intoxicated guests than the sober ones! Ha!

I come from a huge family, so I understand many dynamics; mothers, fathers step mothers, step dads, sweet grandmas and our loony relatives too! Believe me, after 15 years of coordinating weddings, I have seen, dealt, and smoothed all of these touchy situations out.

One of the most important things to me is to stay within your budget, give excellent advice, ward off bad spirits, and execute the day of your dreams...not everyone else's... right?

So...let's talk!